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June 22, 2021

Leading auto insurance comparison site adds user-friendly iPhone app toremind consumers to comparison shop before their coverage renews

Foster City, CA – June 22, 2021 – announces today the launch of its new iPhone app that alerts drivers when their policy is about to expire so they’re reminded to comparison shop for a better deal before their coverage renews.

CarInsurance surveyed 500 drivers to gauge interest for the new iPhone app—the site’s first. The results showed:

  • 61% wanted a service to remind them when their policy was up for renewal
  • 65% said their preferred method to receive such reminders was e-mail, 17% said via an app on their phone
  • 38% were interested in a reminder to shop for a new policy one month prior to their existing policy renewal date
  • Only 25% reviewed their coverage near renewal time

Find more information about our new resource here: policy renewal app.

“One of the best ways to save on car insurance is by comparison shopping with a car insurance estimator,” advises Penny Gusner, CarInsurance’s senior consumer analyst. "The ideal time to shop is a few weeks before a policy’s renewal date. However, most people are too busy to remember to review their existing coverage during that timeframe and may not remember their policy’s expiration date. We want to help our audience, and drivers in general, solve this problem by reaching them in a convenient way—on their mobile device—in the way they prefer, through an app and email.”

The app allows drivers to:

  • Set up a car insurance expiration reminder. On the new app, it takes less than 30 seconds to set up the alert. Consumers enter the insurer, expiration date and timeframe for the notice. Users receive a pop-up alert and a count-down appears when the app is open, indicating the time until the renewal date. Drivers will also receive an email notification. Roughly 30 days out, a reminder appears on the phone’s home screen alerting of the impending expiration date.
  • Get customized rate quotes based on the consumer’s profile. To shop for new car insurance, consumers answer five to seven questions. After a few clicks, visitors are given customized matches with insurance companies offering coverage in their area.

A month’s warning is ideal, say experts, to adequately compare possible car insurance companies.

“It’s enough time to compare at least three other companies,” says Gusner. “Consumers can vet the options to make sure it’s the one with the lowest rate, has good customer service, financial strength and a positive claims service.”

It’s wise for drivers to include the cost of insuring a new car or buying used car insurance when budgeting for a vehicle purchase.

“Part of being able to afford the car is also affording the insurance costs,” Gusner says.

The new app is free and requires no subscription fees.

“There are organizing and calendar apps that people use to keep track of appointments, errands and schedules,” adds Gusner. “But there aren’t many apps that focus on car insurance renewal reminders or provide a convenient way to shop for coverage.”

Consumers may qualify for a discount from their present insurer or encounter an offer from a new carrier for switching—both would likely be missed without a reminder. While it’s possible to switch insurance carriers at any time, it’s always ideal to make that switch as a current policy is set to renew.

CarInsurance plans to expand upon the app, adding features and content based on feedback to provide a one-stop smartphone destination for auto insurance shopping needs.

The iPhone app is available in the Apple app store here:

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