CardRatings Celebrates Women’s History Month with Spotlight on Women’s Financial Independence
March 25, 2021

Fight for female financial freedom all too recent

Foster City, CA – March 25, 2021 – is paying tribute to the countless women that paved the way for financial freedom to round out Women’s History Month. The ratings and review site is led by an all-female team of credit card experts, analysts and editors – something that would have been unheard of as recently as the early 1970s. The team wants young women coming of age to understand the fight of so many women that came before them.

Generation Y and Z may not be aware that it wasn’t as simple as 1-2-3 for women to become financially independent. The “CardRatings outlines the past, present, future of women’s financial independence piece acts as a timeline of the women at the forefront of the fight; it begins in 1769 - when women became their husband’s property after marriage – and ends with the current state of affairs: the first female Treasury Secretary.

Other highlights include:

  1. The Impact of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act on Women
  2. Women’s financial freedom
  3. New statistics on women and property ownership
  4. Significant Figures in the Fight for Women’s Financial Independence, including:
    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg - women's financial rights activist/Supreme Court Justice
    • Maggie Lena Walker - the first American woman to own a bank
    • Mary Kies - the first female to receive a U.S. patent
    • Muriel Siebert - the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange

Younger female generations of soon-to-be high school grads may be surprised to learn that they weren’t likely to be able to open a credit card in their own name as recently as 50 years ago. While they may soon be opening their first student credit card before heading to college in the fall, their grandmothers likely couldn’t have done so or even bank on their own, never mind apply for a mortgage.

“We’re heading into Financial Literacy month, so what better time to educate more women on the history of our own fight for financial freedom?” says Brooklyn Lowery, the editorial director and in-house credit card expert for CardRatings.

“I want my daughter to grow up knowing and honoring the women who fought tirelessly to secure women’s financial independence. I never want her to take it for granted – having a credit card, buying my house or even holding this job may not have been possible without these trailblazers.”

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