4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Gutters and Downspouts from
March 31, 2021

Regular maintenance can prevent costly water damage

FOSTER CITY, CA, March 31, 2021 --, a leader in the home improvement and home services industry, releases tips for cleaning gutters and downspouts as part of spring cleaning projects. Keeping downspouts and gutters maintained and clear of debris is critical to preventing water damage, and may be a chore overlooked by homeowners until problems arise. Modernize advises:

  • Regularly clean the gutter system. Gutter systems should be cleaned twice a year to avoid clogs that can cause water damage in different areas of a home. This can be done by scooping out debris in the gutters and flushing out the system to remove anything that is stuck.
  • Check the gutter system. After cleaning gutters, homeowners should check for leaks or pools of water in the gutter system. If water is not flowing naturally, it may be indicative of a blockage or failed seal in the system.
  • Clean out any downspout clogs. If there is a clog within the downspout, it should be addressed immediately by breaking it up with a plumber’s drain snake or auger.
  • Repair holes in the system. Downspouts and gutters may develop holes over time, so it is important to seal them, even if they are small, to ensure they do not lead to water damage.

Modernize advises that homeowners clean their gutters and downspouts at the end of spring and at the end of fall, in order to clear out fallen leaves and branches that can cause clogs.

“Homeowners can help maintain the integrity of their gutter system by dedicating time to ensure gutters and downspouts are clear and working efficiently,” says Gregg Hicks, vice president of “This minor maintenance will help keep water moving away from the home’s foundation. Pooling water on the ground can cause complications to a home’s basement or deck area.”

Please see the full guide: How To Clean Gutters and Downspouts.  

Hicks is available to answer questions about cleaning and maintaining gutters and downspouts, and offer guidance on hiring a knowledgeable contractor for this and other spring home improvement projects.

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