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Nov 9, 2016, 2:00 PM PT
Quinstreet First Quarter Fiscal 2017 Earnings Conference Call

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QuinStreet is a publicly-traded technology company that specializes in performance marketing products and technologies. The Company focuses on high-value, high-consideration markets or verticals, including financial services, IT/technology, home services and education. Our clients include some of the world’s largest companies and brands in those markets. While the majority of operations and revenue are in North America, the Company has a growing business in Brazil and India.

The Company’s performance-based approach to marketing allows clients to access high-intent, unbranded digital media or traffic from any visitor device cost effectively and at scale. This benefit comes from QuinStreet’s unique and proprietary technologies and strategies, broad client offerings, and massive media footprint. QuinStreet segments, qualifies and matches visitor interests to the right client at the right price, leveraging the combined buying power of hundreds of clients and brands into unsurpassed media buying power for all. The Company also allows clients to access thousands of targeted media sources through one partner, including SEM, SEO, social, mobile, email, calls, and more.

QuinStreet is the technology leader in distributed performance marketing. The Company integrates with any client-side technology to deliver qualified prospect clicks, calls, inquiries, leads, and customers. Through the QuinStreet Media Platform (QMP), clients are able to set and track the sources, experiences, and performance of every source and campaign with full transparency. Through its technologies and practices, the Company is also a leader in brand and compliance management.

The Company has seventeen years of experience in running online performance-based marketing programs in our verticals. That includes extensive testing of multiple variables to discover and optimize results that can meet client-driven marketing economics at acceptable margins to QuinStreet and its media partners. This effort, on which the Company has invested millions of dollars and which has yielded petabytes of data and related insights, is a key competitive advantage.

Clients can engage with QuinStreet by buying performance marketing products or results (clicks, calls, leads or inquiries, appointments, applications, policies or other customer acquisitions), by licensing or utilizing Company technology, or by appointing us as an agency of record.

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