Avoid Water Damage: Address Gutters Now— Resources
October 8, 2020

Most homeowners spend $1,225, on average when installing gutters. Is it worth it?

Foster City, CA—October 8, reminds homeowners that cleaning, replacing, or installing gutters can provide critical protection for siding, decks, landscaping, and foundations. Before winter, it’s wise to consider whether or not your home requires gutters and determine if existing gutters are in shape to operate effectively during the months ahead.

The following resources are available to consumers:

  • Gutters 101. This guide helps homeowners determine whether or not they might benefit from gutters, the advantages and disadvantages of installing them, types of gutter options, average costs, and maintenance considerations.
  • How to vet a potential gutter contractor. This detailed resource walks homeowners through researching potential gutter contractors, supplies specific questions to pose, and outlines liability considerations.
  • Hiring a gutter contractor: free checklist. This tool was developed after recent interviews with homeowners, in which 90 percent indicated that a checklist would be valuable when evaluating contractors.

“Gutters can be critically important, but can often be overlooked or forgotten,” advises Gregg Hicks, vice president at “Diverting water from your home can save thousands of dollars by avoiding cracked walls, damaged siding, basement flooding, uneven floors, as well as foundation and landscape damage.” 

Modernize research finds that the cost to install gutters is influenced by:

  • Home size
  • Gutter system “anatomy”
  • Materials 

The cost for gutter installation ranges between a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, with the national average falling between $900--$5,000. The average homeowner spends about $1,225 on gutter installation.

Hicks is available to elaborate on why gutters can be an important investment and offer advice on how to choose a contractor or installer. can also supply a byline article on gutter installation, if desired. 

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