Ahead of the Storm: Shares Guide to Hurricane-Resistant Siding
May 12, 2021

 A mere 5 percent of surveyed homeowners in hurricane-prone areas report concerns related to current siding quality. Complacency could be costly.

Foster City, CA – May 12, 2021 – While it acts as armor for the home, according to a recent survey conducted by, a leader in the home improvement and home services industry,  homeowners are not necessarily fretting over their home’s existing siding. In a March 2021 survey, only 5 percent of nearly 700 homeowners living in hurricane-prone areas said they were concerned about the integrity of their home’s siding ahead of the upcoming hurricane season.

Siding is vital to protecting the structure of a home, and if compromised during a storm, can impact the integrity of a home. To help people better protect their homes ahead of 2021 hurricane season, Modernize offers a resource to help homeowners select the most resilient siding for their home: Which Type of Siding Best Withstands Hurricanes?

“Whether located in an area that is prone to hurricanes or severe storms or not, it is important to choose the right type of siding,” advises Gregg Hicks, vice president of “It can save homeowners a great deal of money and protect the home from serious damage. From the Texas Gulf Coast to Florida, and up and down the east coast, homeowners should take the necessary steps to protect their homes for the long-term.”

The new resource explores:

  • Wind and water-resistant paints for siding. This paint can serve as a barrier against water damage from heavy rain.
  • Prepping siding for hurricane season. Homeowners should check the condition of their siding well in advance of projected hurricanes. If they detect any signs of loose or cracked siding, they should explore their replacement or repair options by speaking with a professional, in order to protect their home from storm damage.
  • Siding that stands the test of a hurricane. Wood siding is common in older homes but can be easily damaged by severe storms. Vinyl siding can crack and tear under intense winds. A contractor can help homeowners decide between various siding materials and understand their relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Fiber cement siding. This is often the preferred siding material for those in areas that encounter severe storms and hurricanes.

“Fiber cement siding can be more of an investment than wood or vinyl,” observes Hicks, “but it has a long lifespan and protects the home effectively. Regardless, it’s crucial for homeowners to inspect the condition of their siding before the hurricane season begins.”

Hicks is available to answer questions about siding replacement in advance of 2021 hurricane season, which begins in June. He can also offer advice on how to identify the ideal contractor for these home improvement projects.

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