6 Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas from
October 19, 2021

Foster City, CA – October 19, 2021 – Budgets may be tighter this Halloween. To help consumers save money, created a list of six simple and affordable costumes for adults and children alike. The ideas from the financial comparison site could cost as little as $3.25, use items many may have around the house and be pulled together last minute.

  1. Quarterback
  • Items needed: a quarter, tape and football (optional)
  • Cost: $3.25 ($.25 for quarter and $3 for tape)
  • How: tape a quarter to your back
  1. Squid Game (Netflix) Participant
  • Items needed: white masking tape
  • Cost: $4 (for tape)
  • How: create a three-digit number from 001 to 456 with the masking tape on your chest and back
  1. Piece of Gum
  • Items needed: shoe, tape and piece of gum
  • Cost: $6 ($3 for a pack of gum and $3 for tape)
  • How: place a piece of gum to a shoe and attach it to the costume
  1. Babysitter
  • Items needed: doll and fishing line or string
  • Cost: up to $17 ($2 for string/fishing line and $15 for a doll or you can use your children’s doll for free)
  • How: attach the doll to your lower back and sit when people ask what the costume is
  1. Party Animal
  • Items needed: streamers, balloons, animal mask and tape
  • Cost: up to $23 ($15 for mask, $3 for balloons, $2 for streamers and $3 for tape)
  • How: pick a solid color to wear to go with the mask and cover yourself in party favors
  1. Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Items needed: umbrella, cat/dog stuffed animals and fishing line or string
  • Cost: up to $23 ($10 for an umbrella, $3 for string/fishing line and $10 for stuffed animals at the dollar store or you can use your children’s stuffed animals for free)
  • How: tie the stuffed animals to the string and attach to the umbrella

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